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Samsung Factory Working Conditions - Business Insider

The company says it will end illegal practices by the end of 2014.
Iphone 6


Google's Android One Initiative Could Affect Samsung

Forbes: We believe that the move could pose a threat to Samsung – the world's largest smartphone manufacturer – potentially compounding its market share woes in emerging countries, where we expect much of the growth in the smartphone market to come from.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Tab S 8.4 now up for preorder via AT&T

CNET: As of Wednesday, both the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 are available for preorder through AT&T's website as well as the carrier's retail stores. Preordered units will start shipping around September 23, according to AT&T, while ...

Samsung's Sitcom About Samsung Will Feature K-Pop Stars

Samsung is putting its own spin on the workplace sitcom with the release next month of The Best Future, a six-episode web series about how sweet it...

Samsung Gear S Release Date, Specs: Smartwatch Makes Phone Calls

BREATHEcast: Samsung has confirmed that it will release the Samsung Gear S, previously called Samsung Gear Solo, in October, which is the first smartwatch that will allow the users to make phone calls from their wrists. Making the announcement on Aug. 28, Samsung ...

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Comparison, Specs Review: Should I Get New

Christian Post: Long been held as the Apple's "worthy" rival, Samsung tipsters were heard dishing out some information regarding the purported device. Here is a comparison between the iPhone 6 specs to the rumored features of the Samsung Galaxy S6. In terms of body ...

Samsung's curved soundbar goes on sale in South Korea

CNET: If you've been waiting for accessories to match your curved TV, Samsung has you covered with its curved soundbar, now released in Korea. Unveiled at IFA 2014, the soundbar is built to the optimal 4,200R curvature (which means the radius of the circle ...

Find Samsung ads annoying? Wait until you watch its new sitcom

ZDNet: Called "The Best Future", the series is about a Samsung-employed woman named Mirae — "Future" in Korean — and an aspiring singer named Chaego — literally "Best" — as the male lead, who share a house together and work to achieve their respective ...

Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 Photo Shootout: Why Megapixels Mean

Apple arch-rival Samsung includes a 16-megapixel camera in its Galaxy S5 phone. The main camera on the latest upgrades to the iPhone line still has just 8 megapixels. Yet the images from both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the best I've tested on a phone ...










Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smart Pen Revealed As Gear Blink Gets Possible

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has lived up to its hype now that it's an officially announced phone coming from the South Korean company this October. In fact, there has already been a prediction that the device will see pretty good numbers in terms of ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. OnePlus One – Can The Underdog Trump The

The brilliant Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has recently been unveiled at the IFA event. Whereas the mighty handset that comes with killer specs at a nominal price named OnePlus One was released in June. Readers who are interested in purchasing the OnePlus ...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. OnePlus One

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a high-end, feature-packed phablet boasting the latest high-end specs. But how does it compare to 2014’s (nearly-unattainable) budget hero, the OnePlus One ? The OnePlus handset may offer less frills than the Samsung device, but holds its own in more categories than you might think. Read on, as Gizmag compares the two smartphones... Continue Reading Samsung Galaxy Note ...


iPhone 6 vs. Android: 9 Signs You're A Samsung User Who Should Switch To

Your move, Samsung. For years, big-screen smartphones powered by Google Inc.'s (NASDAQL GOOGL) Android operating system have been chipping away at iPhone's market share, particularly in emerging markets. But with the introduction of the 4.7-inch ...

IPhone 6 preorders spark Apple envy: Expert

CNBC: In the first 24 hours of preordering, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus orders hit a record 4 million, the kind of demand that Apple's biggest competitor Samsung likely envies, despite its recent advertisements mocking the tech giant, according to one ...

iPhone 6 preorders spark Apple envy: Expert

CNBC: In the first 24 hours of preordering, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus orders hit a record 4 million, the kind of demand that Apple's biggest competitor Samsung likely envies, despite its recent advertisements mocking the tech giant, according to one ...

Samsung Pokes Fun At Self In Latest Apple Attack Ad

Samsung Electronic's latest attack ad takes aim at Apple 's new big screen smartphone iPhone 6 Plus by taking a swipe at itself. The company's latest TV ad for the new Samsung Note 4, which debuted this weekend, features a narrator reading aloud ...

Apple iPhone 6 record pressures Samsung

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus demand hit a record 4 million in its first day of preorders.

Samsung calls Apple's iPhone 6 Plus a Galaxy Note imitation in new

In a new commercial released on Saturday, Samsung expectedly calls Apple a copycat for releasing a larger-screened iPhone, specifically the iPhone 6 Plus, saying the new handset comes three years after the Galaxy Note ...

Samsung mocks Apple for launching iPhone 6 Plus, boast they

Samsung has released a new ad for the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 smartphone that pokes fun at Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.


Android 4.4.4 KitKat Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date and Download Arrives

Christian Post: Samsung has been steadily rolling out the Android KitKat 4.4.4 update on their devices and the latest to receive the update is the Galaxy S5 flagship. It has been a while since the company has announced the arrival of the update and it seems that ...

Samsung Galaxy Alpha When everyone complains about a phone it sometimes seems like no-one's listening. But Samsung has clearly taken on-board the thousands of voices saying the Samsung Galaxy S5 feels, y'know, a bit cheap. And it's come up with the Samsung Galaxy ...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Problems: Steps To Improve Battery Life

BREATHEcast: According to reports, as well as forum posts by its users, the Samsung Galaxy S5's has surprisingly low battery life. Many have allegedly complained that the S5, which is one of the latest flagship Smartphone from Samsung, has a disappointing battery ...

Samsung GALAXY S5 Active - Tough Enough for Work and Play

Samsung GALAXY S5 Active - Tough Enough for Work and Play

Smartphone showdown: iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 - BetaNews

Both Apple and Samsung have played it cautious with their displays. While competitors like LG have gone for super-high definition screens on their latest flagships, both the iPhone 6 and the Samsung S5 have relatively ...


Samsung Galaxy Tab S Review: Setting The Android Standard [VIDEO]

When Samsung last sent International Business Times a Galaxy tablet, the device didn't get a particularly warm reception. This time, the South Korean company provided a much better offering: the Galaxy Tab S (8.4 inch version). The S line of Samsung's ...

HTC Desire 820 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Size, Performance, Specs, Features

There were a lot of new products unveiled at IFA 2014 in Berlin and one of the mid-ranged smartphones that was unveiled on the event was HTC Desire 820. Samsung on the other hand unveiled its Galaxy Note Edge. It will not be fair to compare the HTC ...

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